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Lotus Energy & Solar was founded by Nelson and Amanda Cruz. They found an opportunity to provide quality service to homeowners in the State of Florida. Lotus Energy & Solar helps pave the way for customers to go solar and start paying themselves instead of the big power companies.

Lotus Energy & Solar Logo

Our Process

Step 1

Begin with an appointment to review roof condition and current consumption.

Step 2

Review customized proposal for your specific needs.

Step 3

Choose the program that best fits your needs.

Step 4

Our team will compile engineering drawings, permits, and materials to set an install date.

We are the experts

We are energy specialists experienced in Solar & Energy efficiency.

Lotus Energy & Solar has a strong track record of working with recognized and emerging brands in solar, to deliver you the highest quality and most up to date products.

Market Reach

Family grown business with reach into all markets across Central Florida.

Attention to details

Produce the highest quality work and services for every client, on every project.

Newest technology

Providing you with industry leading products and solutions.

Honest pricing

Fair and transparent pricing means you won’t be overpaying for things you don’t need.

Schedule An Appointment Today
Schedule An Appointment Today